Book Talk: I need more memoirs

Last month, I read four new memoirs by or about people of color, but this month I am hard pressed to find the same number to read. Of course, I could read some of the classics, but I’m more interested in reading about someone I don’t know much about. The ones I read last month were diverse in subject matter, yet all intriguing. I didn’t blog review Secrets We Kept, although it was superb, simply because the author nor any of the characters in the book were of African descent. However, I do highly recommend it and I did review it on Goodreads.

This month it’s just The Darkest Child by Delores Phillips which technically isn’t a new memoir, it’s actually being republished and Wrestling with the Devil by Ngügï wa Thiong’o which is prison memoir. I may add Jennifer Lewis’ memoir The Mother of Black Hollywood to the mix since I really don’t have any other new memoirs on my TBR list and I heard it was pretty good. I also heard that the audio version is the way to go for that one. Eh, I don’t like audio books though, so I have to think about that one.  And perhaps I’ll add in one that was published some time ago. Obviously, there are plenty I have yet to read, but I like keeping current with the latest releases in the literary world.

Ok so this month:

I’m open to more suggestions since I truly love memoirs. Reading about other people’s lives is quite fascinating when their stories are gripping and engaging. Share some you’re reading, have read or are looking forward to.


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